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Tuesday February 19, 2008

Highlights of the current edition:

Word from the President
A Little Bit of History
News from Copenhague
Odyssée Tournament – Registration & Volunteers
Spring 2008 Training Season
Toronto's Entre-Amis Tournament
Summer Festivities
Calendar of Events - correction
In Closing

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Word from the President

A grand hello to the Boréal gang!

Our second season of events is pretty much a done deal. Two months from now, we will be celebrating Volley Boréal's 4th anniversary. Wow! Already 4 years since LASCAR and LAMBDA decided to merge: the sum of their combined ethics, the total of their sports activities grouped together and the fusion of their mode of operation, all this to provide volleyball players of all levels an ideal environment to play their favorite sport!

In this edition of Libéro Express, I will introduce you to a brief history of Volley Boréal, which can be read in its long-awaited glory by visiting the About Us section (see navigation menu above). Please don't hesitate to contact me with your comments!

Speaking of history, in the upcoming month we are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ever-so-popular Odyssée tournament. I invite you all to register yourselves to this very special edition of the tournament! Participants from the hockey tournament ( Dragon «Le Défi International») will be joining us Saturday night for the gala/show. In all, we are expecting close to 400 athletes for this very special 10th Anniversary Edition! Be a part of it and join us in the fun from March 21-23, 2008.

Sportingly yours,

Éric Pineault
Président fondateur Volley Boréal
Club de volley-ball GLBT à Montréal



Volley Boréal: A Brief History

Click here if you wish to brush up on your history facts!


News from Copenhague

The Outgames' second edition will be held in Copenhague from July 25 to August 2, 2009. The Organizing Committee has already announced that 38 different sporting events are officially part of the program. Also, the cultural portion of the Outgames will provide a variety of events, more than 10 thus far. The cost of registration is roughly $300 per sport and cultural disciplines and roughly $400 for participants at the International Conference on Human Rights. The Registration period should begin in a couple of weeks from now.

Équipe Montréal is negociating pricing for its members for air fare and will be offering an official uniform for its Montreal delegation towards January 2009. Members will be informed about housing-related matters come October 2008. For more details on this 2ne edition of the World Outgames 2009 in Copenhague, visit www.copenhagen2009.org or contact Eric via email epineault@equipe-montreal.com and by telephone 514.528.7575.


Odyssée Tournament, 10th Edition
– Registration and Volunteering

The 10th edition of the Odyssée Tournament is less than 6 weeks away! We await more than 300 participants and that's apart from the additional turnout of the hockey tournament participants joining us for the social events (400 athletes at the gala). We are also expecting a greater attendance from our European and American friends!

Needless to say, with so many participants in attendance, we will need a helping hand from organizers and volunteers alike. Here's a list of areas where we feel your help would be greatly appreciated:

HOUSING: Need a coordinator to help with free housing for foreign participants. The coordinator is expected to find and organize free housing hosts and assign them to those participants according to their specific needs.

SOUVENIR PROGRAM: The person assigned to this task is expected to work in accordance with the graphic designer, including proofing text, content editing and coordinating printing of the program with the printer.

GALA RAFFLE: This group of people will help find prizes for the show's raffle event.

WELCOMING HOSTS: Needed are 6-8 individuals for greeting and receiving participants arriving at Friday's Registration Night (March 21) from 7:45 pm to 11:15 pm, as well as for Saturday's gala night (March 22) from 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm. Other tasks include: handing out drinking coupons, providing information to participants, verifying tickets at the gala. Of these individuals, we are looking for at least one fluent in English.

LOGISTICS: Needed are 4-6 individuals who will help the event organizers with the executions of the following tasks: setting up and taking down of the gala/show room, transporting of materials, setting up the brunch table, etc.

ORGANIZER'S ASSISTANT: Needed are 4 individuals to help the organizer with making sure all matchs are timed correctly, that materials such as whistles, scoresheets and pens are properly distributed, posting of scoresheets, etc.

PROTOCOL: This group of individuals will be responsable for the handing of prizes to the winning teams after the final round, including organizing the T-Shirts to be handed out and announcing winners over the microphone, etc.

If any of the above postings interests you, please contact me at epineault@equipe-montreal.com. We need your involvement in order to ensure the success of this tournament!


Spring 2008 Training Season

Volley-Boréal is offering a training season this Spring! This opportunity will be held over a period of 6 nights, beginning April 30 and ending on May 30, 2008 and is offered to players in the intermediate level. The registration fee is $65. A minimum of 15 participants is necessary to launch this event. Register via email by contacting Bobby at bobbygardner@hotmail.com


Toronto's Entre-Amis Tournament

February 15-17, 2008 is when Toronto held its Entre-Amis Tournament, organized by their local gay volleyball club, TSVL. Organizers have decided to hold this tournament during Ontario's Family Day. It must be said that our friends in Toronto have truly outdone themselves by organizing one heck of a package, offering us a gala night, some great shows and other entertainment!

Only two teams from Montreal participated at this tournament. There's REDBULL (Lynne Bessette, Nick Laratta, François Brisson, Alexandre Bergeron, Martin Lavoie, Charles Honyoust, Mario Patenaude) and the other team is G-Unit (Éric Pineault, Sylvain Marchand, Dave Lesage, Daniel Baylis, Samuel Piette, Julien Roy, Mathieu Beaupré). The gang from Boréal did a great job of representing us! As a matter of fact, G-Unit earned a silver medal for the Section AA (2nd place out of 32 teams) and Redbull earned a silver medal for Section A (7th place out of 32 teams).

Jean-Sébastien Boudreault and Malik Delepaul have equally participated in this tournament by joining the ranks of the Toronto teams. Jean-Sébastien earned a bronze medal for Section C. Bravo to all our participants! I invite you all to register for next year's tournament in the spirit of St-Valentine's Day!


Summer Festivities

This summer, Volley Boréal is offering 3 nights of volleyball, out in the wild!

19 May 2008
Starting at 18:15...
Parc Lafontaine Récréatif 6X6
20 May 2008
Starting at 18:15...
Parc Lafontaine Compétitif 4X4
22 May 2008
Starting at 18:15...
Parc Lafontaine Intermédiaire 4X4

The fee for participating is $25 per night and registration will commence at the end of March.


Calendar 2008 - Tournaments, etc.

21-23 March
10e Odyssée, Montréal (Volley Boréal)
28-39 March
NYC Big Apple Tournament, NAGVA
29 March
LVBM week-end – Homme C
4-6 April
Gay Ottawa Volleyball Tournament, Ottawa (GOV)
19 April
Finales LVBM – Homme C
25 April
Baltimore, NAGVA
9-12 May
Tournoi International de Paris – TIP
21 May
Assemblée générale de VOLLEY BORÉAL
24-27 July
Eurogames @ Barcelone

In Closing

All comments and inquiries may be addressed to epineault@equipe-montreal.com. Thank-you for being a member of Volley Boréal, Montreal's GLBT volley-ball club.

Board of Directors:
Éric, Patrick, Martin, Jean-Pierre, Lynne, Jean-Seb, Francis, François et Bobby!


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